LEARN, Policies and Data Management Plans

grid-871475_1920LEARN Partner University of Vienna has started to analyse existing Research Data Management (RDM) policies at selected Universities and research institutions, identifying Data Management Plans (DMP) as core instruments of RDM policies.

Data Management Plans (DMP) encompass the entire lifecycle of data, including generation, storage, and management of data after project completion. For researchers, DMPs provide an aid to foster thinking, right from the beginning, about appropriate formats, documentation and possibilities for long-term archiving. Additionally, DMPs assist on determining additional financial resources for legal advice or technical assistance required for the project.

DMPs not only bring benefits for the project management as well as management as a whole, but they are also of importance for the following stakeholders: the project applicant, the repository management, the institution, the funder and the policy officer. For this reason, DMP may vary in its concrete form, depending on the perspective from which they arise. The coming model on RDM Policies will also take a position on it.

By way of the examination and circulation of the content of DMPs, the project LEARN hopes to engage as many stakeholders as possible and expects a broad dissemination of the outcomes of the LEARN project. For this reason, the representatives of project LEARN of the University of Vienna in cooperation with e-Infrastructures Austria, started on 16 March to offer advice, training and workshops to help funders, institutions and researchers get started with the management of their data and in indicating DMP as an integral part of RDM Policies.


By Paolo Budroni, Imola Dora Traub, Barbara Sánchez (UNIVIE)

Imola Dora Traub is LEARN Project Assistan at University of Vienna Library and Archive Services

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