Goals, Impact and Expected Results

The production of data is expanding at an astonishing rate: experts now point to an 4300% increase in annual data generation by 2020. However, research institutes and universities often have no standard policy for researchers on how to store their research data.

The European project LEARN will raise awareness of research data management and policy issues to institutions. It will do this by maximising the visibility of the existing LERU Roadmap for Research Data, written by LERU, the League of European Research Universities. The LERU Roadmap is a guide for universities and research organisations on how to tackle the challenges which research data poses.

The LEARN project will also encourage institutions to produce RDM policies themselves. LEARN will write a model RDM policy to help institutions to get this started. LEARN will also collect a toolkit with best RDM practices, and produce a summary of the LERU Roadmap.