Call for expressions of interest: research and data management

mic-1132528_1920Have you designed a research data management plan at your institution? Are you involved in the provision of an RDM service for your community? Have you developed an RDM policy for your organization? Have you defined a cost model for management of your research data?

At LEARN Project we are very interested on hearing about your experience, whether successful or not, and gather representative stories and case studies from the RDM arena, not only in Europe but also beyond. Real examples are essential for the design of an RDM policy template that will address common needs and situations, and which will feed best practice illustrations into our forthcoming Toolkit.

With this purpose, we have gone through already existing collections on RDM case studies, such as those gathered by the LIBER Scholarly Communication and Research Infrastructures Steering Committee in 2014. These 11 case studies feature RDM experiences carried out at several universities and research institutions in Europe, and cover different areas of RDM, as training and support, data repositories, policies development, institutional infrastructures, research data services, among others topics.

The Digital Curation Centre has also compiled a selection of case studies as a companion to their guides on implementing RDM support in institutions. They illustrate a wide range of initiatives focused on the improvement or enhancement of data services and infrastructures, training on RDM skills or the definition of RDM strategies. Most of these experiences are coming from UK-based institutions, with an example from the United States and another from Australia.

As a final example of this non-comprehensive list, we could mention the various discipline-based case studies gathered together by the Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management project at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. These examples have a focus on researchers training, and describe the standard steps in a project’s lifecycle for the subjects researched at this university as well as highlighting the key issues faced and how they may be resolved.

If you have a case study you would like to share with the community or just give an update, please get in contact with us and submit it to info@learn-rdm-eu.

You can keep updated on the project news and our upcoming workshops through the project website, and also by following us on Twitter @learnRDM, and joining our LinkedIn Group.

Finally, whether you feel you have a story to tell or not, do consider completing our own survey on institutional readiness for research and data management.

EU Projects Officer at LIBER. Dissemination WP Coordinator at LEARN

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