Here is the Programme of the 5th LEARN workshop, being held at the Historic Building of the University of Barcelona (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes) on 26 January 2017.

9:00-9:30 – Registration

9:30 – Opening remarks

9:45 – Dr Paul Ayris, UCL – “Delivering Research Data Management in the ‘Data Deluge

This paper will set the LEARN project and its deliverables in the context of the ‘Data Deluge’. It will look particularly at Open Science as a driver for greater visibility for research data; explain how LEARN can make a difference to Research Data Management at an institutional level; and examine the emerging LEARN deliverables – the exemplar Research Data Management Policy and the Executive Briefing. It will also look at another LEARN deliverable, the LEARN Tookit for Best Practice and analyse some of the main findings. The paper will close by painting a vision of a brave new world – the European Open Science Cloud.

10:10 – Marie Timmermann, Science Europe – “Developing a framework for Research Data Management Protocols”

Research Data Management Protocols are gaining importance, especially in the political context of the Open Science Agenda. Data Management Plans (DMP) are becoming the main tool to enforce policies on research data management directed at researchers. The Science Europe Working Group on Research Data Management Protocols (RDMP) has been given the mission to develop and advocate the concept of disciplinary research data management protocols as pragmatic solution to ensure the proper implementation of DMP. The framework that is being developed aims to set a number of minimal requirements for disciplinary data protocols.

10:50 – Coffee

11:20 – Dr Daniel Mietchen – “Integrating policy and infrastructure in research data management: the perspective of researchers”

As the interest in research data management is growing in many parts of the research ecosystem, policies and infrastructures are being put in place in a growing number of contexts. This talk will look at these developments from the perspective of researchers who are supposed to abide by the policies and to use the infrastructures for their research. Drawing on examples from the ongoing Zika virus outbreak, special attention will be given to policy and infrastructure elements that are facilitating or complicating research data management and explore avenues for standardization.

12:00 – Dr Eva Mendez, UC3M – “Opening research data in EU universities: Policies, motivators and challenges”

EU Universities are facing the implementation of the convincing EU policies on Open Science, particularly those regarding research data which are fairly new and even more challenging. During this talk Eva Méndez will cover the perspective of the Universities, institutionally committed with the “Open by default”, but dealing with lot of challenges in the real implementation ranging for the infrastructures, to the lack of clear incentives.  

12:40 – Dr Oriol Pujol, UB – “About data from a machine learning perspective.”

This talk will share experiences from the machine learning and data science communities as well as giving some potential ideas on how novel machine learning techniques can help in the process of sharing sensible data while preserving privacy.

13:20 – Lunch

14:30 – Break-out Sessions

16:00-17:00 – Feedback from the Breakout Session and Plenary Discussion