Final Conference – 05/05/2017 London

Managing the Data Deluge: roles and responsibilities for your institution

The Final LEARN Conference in London, entitled Managing the Data Deluge: Roles and Responsibilities for your Institution ’, took place on 5th May 2017. The conference’s main purpose was to share and discuss with stakeholders – researchers, research funders, research organisations and senior decision makers – the main LEARN project outputs, principally the LEARN Toolkit* .

As well as a wide range of views and perspectives delivered by the keynote speakers, the tutorial groups from the afternoon session delivered some advice on practical matters such as RDM costing and enagaging with early career researchers.

The following outputs from the day are now available:

Videos of the keynotes and panel discussions

Speakers’ presentations

Reports from the event’s break-out tutorial groups along

Feedback evaluation Report from the conference attendees


More links from the day:

*Resources discussed and distributed at the conference can be found on our Tools & Resources page.