The Organisation

The University of Vienna, founded in 1365, is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe. About 9,500 employees, 6,700 of who are academic employees, work at 19 faculties and centres. This makes the University of Vienna Austria’s largest research and education institution. With more than 180 degree programmes, the University offers the most diverse range of studies in Austria.

The Vienna University Library provides various service infrastructures to support members of the University in their research, teaching and learning. It offers the academic community archiving solutions with focus on mid-term and long-term preservation of digital resources and research data. It furthermore transfers know-how and technology to academic institutions in five European countries and to the national funding body FWF. Since 2014, the Library has taken the central coordination of the three-year, nation wide project e-Infrastructures Austria which involves 26 partner institutions in Austria.

With its expert knowledge in the area of technical innovations in library services and its experience of involving and aligning different stakeholders and procedures, the Library leads the LEARN work package „WP3 – Policy Development and Alignment“. The WP is based within the University Digital Asset Management System Department Phaidra. Main tasks are the creation of an exemplary RDM policy (agreed by all partners), which can then be tailored by any university or research institution to meet their needs and to enhance policy coordination.

The team

 Paolo Budroni,University of Vienna, Library and Archive Services, Head of Dpt.

Paolo Budroni earned his Dr. phil. in 1986 at the University of Vienna, completing a semiotic examination of “Don Camillo and Peppone.” In 1988, he completed his education degree at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) and in 1996, he received a postgraduate degree in European Integration for Public Administration at the Austrian Federal European Academy. In 1991, he headed the realization of the first Current Research Information System (CRIS/ DonKey) of the University of Vienna (1991-1998). While on sabbatical (2001-2005), Budroni worked as Strategic Alliances Manager at a German BI Company, further as a docent for marketing courses at the graduate level at the Università degli Studi di Perugia (Scienze della Comunicazione), and as Marketing Manager and, later, as Strategic Business Development Manager for a German telecommunications firm. Back in Vienna in 2005, he led as Managing Director the development of the digital archiving system for RDM of the University of Vienna, which also serves as Institutional Repository of the University (Phaidra, 2007-2016). Today Phaidra is used in 5 European countries and is running at 15 institutions (among them the Austrian National Funding Agency FWF). From 2014 to 2016, he has also been the Managing Director of the of the nation-wide project e-Infrastructures Austria (26 partners, all Austrian Universities), which aims to create an Austrian network of competencies in the field of university repositories and research data.

European or national projects (led or acquired): OpenAIRE, Europeana Libraries, TEMPUS in the Western Balkan Region, e-Infrastructures Austria, Open Education Austria, H2020-LEARN (WP3, Policy Development and Alignment).

Paolo Budroni is the Austrian National Delegate to the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) and represents the University of Vienna at COAR.

His long-term involvement in digital asset management and the provision of aligned services in the scientific community have provided him with a thorough knowledge of technical systems and the requirements of the academic world. Thanks to his engagement, the University of Vienna has participated in the projects like Europeana and OpenAIRE/OpenAIREplus. Currently, he has been appointed as the representative of the Unversity of Vienna at COAR. In the LEARN project, he focuses on stakeholder engagement, policy development and alignment, impact and advocacy. He also offers his experience in the use of foreign languages in multi-national settings, his ability to plan and organise work programs and his good understanding of linkages between policies and cooperative practices.

Paolo Budroni

Paolo Budroni

Barbara Sánchez Solís is Project Manager at AuSSDA – The Austrian Social Science Data Archive. She specializes in data management plans, licensing and research data. Barbara earned her degree in English and comparative literature and went on to collect years of experience in the media and communications industry. After finishing her postgraduate degree in library and information studies, she jumped straight into the topic of research data at the University of Vienna. She has coordinated the nation-wide, ministry-funded project e-Infrastructures Austria which focused on the development of e-infrastructures and issues of research data management, collaborated in Horizon 2020 projects at the European level and she is in constant dialogue with other international initiatives. Barbara enjoys networking to make data available for a broader audience, communicating in multi-national settings and working with people of different national and cultural backgrounds. In the project LEARN, she concentrates on dissemination, stakeholder engagement, impact and advocacy.

Barbara Sanchez Solis

Barbara Sanchez Solis

Due to her former work in both scientific and artistic areas Katharina Flicker was able to acquire expertise in supporting, organizing and realizing projects. As she also worked with e-Infrastructures Austria – a national project focusing on the establishment of e-infrastructures in Austria as well as the development of Research Data Management and the handling of digital resources in the future– Katharina is well informed of issues concerning Research Data Management (RDM) and RDM-Policies. In the LEARN project she concentrates on research, collecting and analyzing data, preparing and editing materials and working papers and organizing events.”

Katharina Flicker


Raman Ganguly is the Head of Software Design and Development and member of the management team at Vienna University Computer Center. At the University of Vienna Mr. Ganguly is the technical director of the intranet for the University, Phaidra, the long-term preservation archive of the University, U:CRIS (the current research information system and e-Infrastructures Austria. He represents several years of successful experience in managing complex technical projects in international environments. Mr. Ganguly offers technical advice, expertise and knowhow in the field of stakeholder engagement.
Gerda McNeill, currently Head of the Project OpenAIRE Plus / OpenAIRE 2020, is also coordinating the administrative aspects of all EU projects of Vienna University Library and Archive Services. In the project, she will be in charge of monitoring and supervising the administrative aspects of the project (agenda, timetable, contacts via EU-Portal, etc.)

Maria Seissl is the Head of the Library. Due to her thorough experience in re-engineering and strategic development, mobilisation of resources and localisation and analysis of potentials, which led to a repositioning of Vienna University Library as a modern and innovative institution, Ms. Seissl will bring her experience in the fields of policy development and alignment to the LEARN project.

Juan Gorraiz, heads the University’s bibliometrics department and collaborates with national and international (corporate and public) partners (e.g. the University of Graz, the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Technopolis, Elsevier, Thomson Reuters, etc.). He is experienced in the organisation of large conferences and in lectures on informetrics, scientometrics and bibliometrics at international conferences. He has published various articles on negative research results. His project involvement will focus on dissemination and stakeholder engagement.

Contact us

Katharina Flicker / Coordination Office LEARN Austria

Email: officelearn.ubwien@univie.ac.at

Phone: +431427715171.