2nd LEARN Workshop – Vienna


Research Data Management towards Open Science – The Importance of Policies

The LEARN project’s second workshop Research Data Management towards Open Science – The Importance of Policies’ was held on 6 April 2016 at the Campus of the University of Vienna.

The use and sharing of research data has the potential fundamentally to change the way research is undertaken and shared. Pervasive networks mean that researchers are able to collaborate and share not only their publications, but also the research data, which underpins them.

The LEARN Workshop was designed to encourage all stakeholders – researchers, research funders, research organisations and senior decision makers – to explore what their roles and responsibilities are in this fast-changing environment. The EU-funded LEARN project will engage with stakeholders and produce model policies and toolkits which will support them as they embrace the challenges that research data management brings.

The workshop was split into two sessions. The morning session was devoted to keynote speakers’ lectures whereas the afternoon session(s) was given over to breakout groups where best practices and case studies were identified and discussed.

The full programme is available together with the speakers’ profiles.

 Speaker’s Presentations are videos from the main sessions are available.

Feedback evaluation from the workshop attendees is also available.

Also, take a look at the Photo gallery from the day!