The Organisation

CEPAL-ECLAC-Logo-176x300ECLAC, which is headquartered in Santiago, Chile, is one of the five regional commissions of the United Nations. It was founded with the purpose of contributing to the economic and social development of Latin America, coordinating actions directed towards this end, and reinforcing economic ties among associated countries and with other nations of the world.

An essential part of ECLAC’s mission is to do research and gather, organise, interpret and disseminate information and data relating to the economic and social development of the region. ECLAC also provides advisory services to Governments at their request and plans, organises and executes programmes of technical cooperation.

In this project, ECLAC will participate through the Hernán Santa Cruz Library. The Hernán Santa Cruz Library has gained invaluable experience with data management through its Digital Repository, containing more than 35,000 official publications, from 1948 until the present day. With the work of more than 8,000 authors in five languages, this fully open access archive is open to all users interested in learning about the Commission’s work, especially policy makers, researchers, scholars and students. In total, the official documents on file exceed 2.5 million pages.

The team

Wouter Schallier – Chief of the Hernán Santa Cruz Library. Wouter Schallier was previously Executive Director of LIBER and during his time with the Foundation helped to introduce the concept of LIBER participating in EU-funded projects. He is extremely familiar with the requirements and management of EU-funded project development, and was instrumental in securing a number of EU-funded projects in which LIBER was a workpackage leader. As Chief Librarian of the Hernán Santa Cruz Library (ECLAC/CEPAL) in Santiago, he has introduced a change management programme to modernise the service provision of the Library and has radically altered the Library’s strategy. In May 2014, the Library launched the Digital Repository containing all ECLAC official publications since 1948, to great acclaim.

Wouter Schallier

Wouter Schallier

Mónica Cantero – Project Manager Hernán Santa Cruz Library.  Monica Cantero has a very wide experience in the areas of Management of Information Technology Infrastructures, Procurement and Library Management. She participated in the renovation of the network infrastructure project at the United Nations Secretariat in New York and later on became Chief of the Information Technology and Communications Unit, at ECLAC sub-regional Office in Mexico City, where she made substantive technological changes to improve IT infrastructures and systems. She was also Chief of the Center of Information Resources and Publications, at ECLAC sub-regional Office in Mexico City, where she also implemented substantive changes to modernise Library processes and renovate the Library. Currently, Ms. Cantero  is working at the Hernán Santa Cruz Library as a Project Manager and is leading the Library Renovation, the internal Library evaluation, the development of the digital collections and the LEARN project.

Mónica Cantero

Mónica Cantero

Gabriela Andaur – Consultant. Gabriela Andaur is an archivist, lecturer and researcher. She teaches courses in archival theory and practice and has worked as a records management consultant. She is a research collaborator of the Latin America team of InterPARES Trust, and her research experience includes local archival practices and digital preservation. Her work in LEARN will focus on the dissemination of the Project in Latin America and the Caribbean and the identification and liaison with key stakeholders in the region.

Gabriela Andaur

Gabriela Andaur

Claudia Vilches – Librarian of the Hernán Santa Cruz Library. She is in charge of the areas of information services, collaboration, and training.  As a coordinator of the services area she has been working in the modernisation and reorganisation of the Library services, strengthening the role of the Library in research support. She is the Library Liaison for Statistics and Planning for Development Divisions, which are related to topics like: digital economy, open access, open government, big data, and data revolution. She also intensively participated in the conceptualisation and creation of the ECLAC Digital Repository

Contact us

Wouter Schallier (Principal Investigator)

Email: wouter.schallier@cepal.org

Monica Cantero (Project Manager)

Email: Monica.CANTERO@cepal.org