First release of the documents regarding the development of RDM Policies

The Library of the University of Vienna (UNIVIE) leads the LEARN project work package concerning the development and alignment of Research Data Management (RMD) Policies.

Our team, in collaboration with the LEARN Partners, develops a model for policies for RDM. These policies can be tailored by universities and research institutions according to their individual needs.

After collecting and analysing the required information and structuring the respective data, UNIVIE has prepared a first version of two documents to facilitate the development of Research Data Policies.

The first document provides a list of essential elements (formal aspects) that encompass a RDM Policy. The second document looks at the core elements of the contents of an RDM Policy.

These guidelines serve as a basis for explaining what Research Data Management is, illustrating workflows, describing the benefits of Research Data Management, and informing about the requirements of the funding agency. Additionally, legal and ethical aspects are considered, as well as the relationship with publishers.

Our next goal is to analyse existing policies in place at selected universities and research organisations. After the conference in London, UNIVIE will publish the updated version of these two documents.

Imola Dora Traub is LEARN Project Assistan at University of Vienna Library and Archive Services

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