LEARN Toolkit begins to take shape


By Italian_Bicycles [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A key publication of the LEARN Project will be a Toolkit of case studies illustrating best practices in relation to Research Data Management. The process of commissioning the case studies began in July, and so far 16 prospective authors from across Europe and Latin America have agreed to contribute a total of 22 individual papers.

First drafts of these contributions are due to be edited by early December, and the aim is to have the completed Toolkit ready for publication and general release at the Project’s final conference in May 2017.

The Toolkit is expected to include seven main section headings, under which the commissioned pieces of work will be presented on the following topics:

  • Research Data Management – new themes
  • Organisational responses
  • Innovative infrastructures in Latin America
  • Innovation in RDM
  • The costing issues around RDM
  • Engaging in RDM issues (Advocacy, Legal requirements etc.)
  • RDM Tools (e.g. Data management plans)

Although we already have several contributions, if your institution would like to contribute a case study, or if you simply want to ask a question about the LEARN Toolkit, please email info@learn-rdm.eu with the word ‘Toolkit’ in the subject line.

LEARN Project Support Administrator

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