5 Things To Expect From LEARN In 2017

Senate House will be the location of the LEARN project’s final conference on 5 May 2017 (image by stevecadman, cc-by-sa-2.0).

Happy New Year from everyone at the LEARN Project! We’re working hard to deliver a number of interesting reports and events related to Research Data Management in 2017. Below we list five things that you can expect from us in the coming months.

  1. Barcelona Workshop – On January 26th, the last of our RDM Workshops will be held at the University of Barcelona. It promises to deliver lively discussions and plenty of insights on the latest in RDM trends and best practice. Best of all, it’s free! Sign up now.
  2. Final Conference – Our Final Conference will be held on May 5th at Senate House, University of London. Further details to come shortly. Watch this space!
  3. LEARN Project Executive Briefing – The original LERU Roadmap for Research Data identified a serious gap in the level of preparation amongst research performing organisations. LEARN is preparing an Executive Briefing of key points in the LERU Roadmap, a new LERU toolkit, the LEARN toolkit itself and the model RDM policy. LEARN’s Executive Briefing will help decision and policy makers identify sound solutions. It will be released in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.
  4. Model RDM Policy – In early April, our model RDM Policy will be finalised. Any university or research institute will be welcome to use our model policy, which is being drawn up based on an analysis of existing research data policies available on public institutional websites worldwide, and findings coming out of previous LEARN Workshops.
  5. Best Practices and Case Studies Toolkit – Around the same time as the model RDM policy is released, we’ll also finish work on a new set of best practices and case studies. The Toolkit will be an extension of the case studies included in the original LERU Roadmap for Research Data, and will illustrated how LERU’s Roadmap can be implemented at an institutional level.

As always, keep an eye on the LEARN website for the latest developments in the project.

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