Download individual sections of the LEARN Toolkit


Introduction Download

Part 1 – The Case Studies

Section 1 – Policy and Leadership

Case Study 1 – Developing and Implementing the Wellcome Trust’s Data Management and Sharing Policy    Download

Case Study 2 – Development of a Model Policy for Research Data Management (RDM) at Austrian Research Institutions    Download

Case Study 3 – Brexit – and its potential impact for Open Access in the UK   Download

Case Study 4 – Research Data Management supporting Research Integrity and Open Science   Download

Section 2 – Advocacy

Case Study 5 – Research Data Management Advocacy – what works well    Download

Case Study 6 – Raising awareness on RDM and engaging stakeholders in Latin America and the Caribbean    Download

Case Study 7 – UWI St Augustine Campus Libraries and RDM efforts at the UWI, St Augustine Campus    Download

Case Study 8 – 4TU.Centre for Research Data / TU Delft    Download

Section 3 – Subject Approaches

Case Study 9 – Challenges and Opportunities for Research Data Management in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: a practitioner’s viewpoint    Download

Case Study 10 – RDM in the Performing Arts: Living Symphonies    Download

Section 4 – Open Data

Case Study 11 – Why Open Data?    Download

Case Study 12 – Open Educational Resources: Service setup and Data Management    Download

Case Study 13 – The handing of research data in the social sciences at University of the Andes –Data Centre (CEDE) – Colombia    Download

Section 5 – Research Data Infrastructure

Case Study 14 – The Research Data Storage Service at UCL    Download

Case Study 15 – Scientific Data Management on a Dataverse Network    Download

Case Study 16 – Delivering the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC): Principle and Practice in delivering Open Science    Download

Section 6 – Costs

Case Study 17 – Research Data Management at the University of Edinburgh: How is it done, what does it cost?    Download

Section 7 – Roles, Responsibilities & Skills

Case Study 18 – Training early career researchers    Download

Case Study 19 – Training subject librarians in Research Data Management    Download

Case Study 20 – The Emerging Role of the Data Scientist and the experience of Data Science education at the University of Amsterdam    Download

Section 8 – Tool Development

Case Study 21 – Legal Requirements, RDM and Open Data    Download

Case Study 22 – Developing a Data Management Plan: a case study from Argentina    Download

Case Study 23 – Surveying your level of preparation for Research Data Management    Download


Conclusions    Download

Part 2 – The Model RDM Policy

• Model Policy for Research Data Management (RDM) at Research Institutions/Institutes    Download

• Guidance for Developing a Research Data Management (RDM) Policy    Download

• Evaluation Grid of RDM Policies in Europe    Download

Part 3 – LEARN Executive Briefing    Download

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