Below are links to the public Project Deliverables, both those already published and those to be published with their expected dates*.

Id Document Publication date
D.5.1 Project Management Manual 12/2/2016
D.1.1 Workshops (1) 4/3/2016
D.1.2 Workshops (2) 19/5/2016
D.1.3 Workshops (3)  1/9/2016
D.1.4 Workshops (4)  1/12/2016
D.1.5 Workshops (5)  1/2/2017
D.1.6 Best Practice and Case Studies document in Toolkit 1/4/2017
D.2.2 Executive briefing 1/2/2017
D.3.1 Model RDM policy*

*This has been incorporated in D1.6

D.5.2 Gender Workforce Statistics Report  1/4/2017*
D.2.3 Final Conference 1/6/2017*
D.4.1 KPIs 1/6/2017*
D.4.2 Survey analysis report  1/6/2017*